Dual Carry Tray Configuration

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The dual carry tray configuration package includes everything you need to haul two ATVs, golf-carts, dune-buggies, snowmobiles or other basic cargo (under 51" wide).

The base of the rack system is completely adjustable to cater to all major truck brands, makes, and models. The installation of the rack system is user-friendly and very easy. Included on the bulwark riser is a life-time warranty 4,500lb winch with wireless remote controls. The rack system is designed to be easily configurable to cater to all recreational vehicles. Multy provides different attachments for your existing Multy rack to haul different cargo, instead of a whole different rack system. 

Safety is everything. With our rack systems, there is no need to drive your vehicle onto your pickup truck. All loading, strapping, and securing is done on the ground. Wireless winch operation allows the user to wirelessly load the cargo from a safe distance. 

Future expansion of the rack system is easy. All of the Multy Rack's parts are designed to be as modular, and as versatile as physically possible.

Package Contents

  • (x1) MR-100 HIGH RACK
  • (x1) MR-101 BED RAILS (PAIR)
  • (x1) MR-102 LOW RACK
  • (x1) MR-104-B LAND H-BAR
  • (x2) MR-105 BULWARK RISER
  • (x2) MR-106 CARRY TRAY
  • (x1) MR-114 CONTROL BOX

Max Cargo Width: 51"